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  Product Features:

The Crown Induction cooker AFG-2ICT-001 Induction hob with it's advanced induction heating system, micro-computerized control, low energy usage and multi-functions, is the optimum solution for a modern kitchen. The 'Control Induction' hob is designed with customer focus. Manufactured from high quality materials, the unit is safe and reliable, ergonomic and will enhance your cooking experience. Two cooking areas.

INDUCTION Cooktop 2 Burners

  1. Specification
    Voltage: 240V~ / 60Hz
    Temperature: Front-zone:1-8 level, Back-zone: 1- 8 level

  2. Usable and Non-usable Utensils
    1). Usable Pans
    Steel, cast iron, enameled iron, stainless steel, flat-bottom pans/pots with diameter from 12 to 26cm.

    2). Non-usable Pans
    Heat-resistant glass, ceramic container, copper, aluminum pans/pots. Rounded-bottom pans/pots with bottom measuring less than 12cm.

  3. How to Clean
    1). Disconnect plug and wait until the unit is cooled down completely. Clean after every use.
    2). If the pots/pans are used without being cleaned, discoloration or cooked on stains may occur.
    3). Do not use benzene, thinner, scrubbing brush or polishing powder to clean the induction cooker.
    4). Wipe using dish washing agent and damp cloth.
    5). Use vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt from the air intake and exhaust vent.
    6). Never run water over the unit (Water getting inside may cause a malfunction).


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